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Web Design / Blog Design

Need a quick website or blog site set up?  Most website design companies can charge anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.  Ever Harvest Capital can create an easy to use, easy to edit website in a matter of hours, and teach you how to use it for a fraction of the cost.

Here are some web design packages, take a look which one suits you and your style:

1) Web Basic

This package is for a company or individual who has already developed content. The web layout is already chosen and sections like: Services, About, Hours, Images and Contact information is already typed in electronic form. The Web Basic package includes:

-Putting up a new website with a pre-made custom theme.

-Application of content into menus and pages.

-A crash course on how to make updates yourself.

$300 one time flat fee, $65/yr for all domain and hosting fees.

2) Web + Content Development

If you have an idea of what sort of content you’d like to put up, but need some help writing or transferring data like: bios, news, resumes, articles, documents into a web-ready form EHC can help with the following:

-Company/Personality interview to determine your company/personal image and persona.

-Select a theme and layout that suits your website’s character.

-Pull and enhance graphics for attractive web presentation.

-Write content based on information provided (ie. we can write your biography for your ‘About Us’ section.)

-3 hours included of content writing or graphic design work.

$600 one time flat fee, $65/yr for all domain and hosting fees.

Add ons:

A) Hands-off Webmaster

Don’t have time to update your website?  Some studies say that over 90% of websites die within the first year because owners don’t have time to update their page or they forget or don’t know how to pay their Hosting and Domain fees.   EHC takes that worry off your plate with the Hands-off Webmaster package. We will help you in the follow areas:

-EHC manages and upkeeps your domain and host payments and information.

-All updates are taken care of by EHC.  Simply let us know what information needs to be updated and changes are made within 48 hours or less.

-Through Search Engine Optimization we’ll use coding tips and tricks to get your name to the top of Google Searches.

$250/yr flat rate*

B) Social Media Add-on

Social networking through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a great way to increase awareness about you or your product.  It is also a great way to develop a direct Customer Relationship through a network of fans and customers who love your product or service.  Plus, it is a great way to market your product or services directly to individuals who are interested in your area of expertise.  The Social Media Add-on includes:

-Development of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn company profiles.

-Integration and synchronizing of all Social Media.

$100 one time flat fee

C) Social Media Webmaster

Don’t have time to update your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts?  EHC will do the updates for you.  Just send us some info and we’ll update your website and all of your social media pages the way you like it.

$150/yr flat rate*


*negotiable in second and subsequent years based on usage rates