Project Management

Event Planning: Organizing entertaining events from A-Z.

Project Coordination: Developing streamlined project plans, maintaining time lines between multiple companies, identifying and mobilizing co-dependencies.

Mediation and Arbitration: Conflict resolution, establishing and maintaining mutual interpersonal relationships between clients, without litigation.

Human Resource Development: Hiring, contracting, labour disputes, personnel motivation, developing short term and long term training programs.

Contract Negotiation: Creating bids, quotes, establishing terms and conditions.


Business Consulting

Market Analysis and Strategy: Creating product awareness online, Generating market research and strategic plan for the purposes of marketing and financing.

Business Planning: EHC has created business plans that have generated $600,000 CAD in investment funds. 

Streamlining Operations: Observing norms and processes, minimizing shrinkage and loss of productivity and profitability. 

Forecasting Profitability: Budgeting, financing future projects.


Sustainable Business

Marketing and Sales: Developing promotional programs, creating marketing material, Multi-level marketing. EHC teaches you how you can market with the lowest possible investment and the highest possible gain.

Customer Relationship Management: Loyalty programs, developing your company image further to solidify a stable customer base.

Social Media Utilization: How to use current technology to enhance your virtual and visual presence. 

Graphic Design: Developing simple, attractive logos, pamphlets, posters, banners, signs etc.

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