So you have a great idea and want to sell it.  Perhaps you are trying to get a loan from the bank or an investor to listen to your idea.  In light of our society maturing and more individuals playing party to past investments that have failed to bear fruit, we experience an increased number of hoops to jump through when in need of support.  These days you need a good business plan, great presentation and the interpersonal touch to gain investments of time or money.


The Plan


The most important piece to help you gain a foot in the door is a proper business plan.  A business plan is told in the same fashion a great storybook novel would be told through Introduction, Middle and End.


The Beginning: Tell them what you’re going to tell them.

Table of Contents and Executive Summary


Similar to how any reader would check the back of a book to read the summary or the headline and sub heading of a newspaper, an Executive Summary is critical to capturing your audience’s attention and wet their appetite to continue reading.  Some say that the Executive summary is the most critical part of your plan as it demonstrates your ability to explain your plan in less space, revealing if it is truly a good idea or not.  If you can’t explain your business in a couple paragraphs, chances are that your idea is too complicated for your potential new customers too.


(Practice tip to help develop your Executive Summary: Expain your business or idea to friends, family, colleagues, and strangers.  Guage their reaction to see if they are convinced and excited or confused and hesitant. Refine and repeat until perfected.


If you don’t have the guts to talk about your idea you may discover difficulties in gaining the trust of investors.  That is why there are companies like ours that can help you talk about your idea and train you one-on-one on how to capture and audience’s attention.)


The Middle: Tell them what you want to tell them.



It is important to focus on the exciting qualities of your ideas, but like any convincing arguement, the best ideas are strongest because they consider all sides.  SWOT analysis is a great exercise to determine Strengths Weaknesses Opportinities and Threats of your business in the present and the future.  Remember, the best selling products are not always the best products on the market (ie. VHS v. BETA) and the first ones out are not always the biggest money maker; so it is important to consider how you will succeed in the present and the distant future and write it down in a comprehensive plan.


The End: Tell them what you told them.

The Conclusion an Interpersonal Touch

Redundancy is useful because it is in human nature to reflect and debrief on significant ideas or a lot of information.  The last feelings you leave a person with affects what they remember about your plan.  If you present 20 pages of great information it can be quickly forgotten if the key points are not highlighted again at the end.



Interpersonal and presentation skills are so important when it comes to your business plan conclusion.  Your confidence, eloquence and understanding of business will show by how completely you have thought your idea through.  If you are stumbling and making mistakes, investors may view it as lack of preparation and planning which is all bad for businesses.



Today’s Topics:

-Planning for the Business Plan

-Business Plan Writing

-Executive Summaries

-Writing business plan content


-Presentation skills


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December 7, 2011

Today I delivered a promotional item in the form of a 11″x17″ poster and it was a great success.

It is important that when creating any type of promotional item it properly reflects your company. Think about your client. Think about the people you will be handing the item to, and if they will be able to use it for its intended purpose.

What is one of the major things to think about? Company Image.

Successful business maintains an identity. The identity is laid out initially by a mission and vision statement usually laid out in well thought out business plans. Some small start-ups forgo the business plan which I believe leaves companies in danger of losing or failing to generate a company image.

Your company image is your identity. Similar to how individuals need to identify, to categorize and place one another in each other’s minds, companies enjoy the same treatment from business colleagues. There is a lot of competition in this world, and in the end the company that will gain the business is the one that is the most effective in communicating its goals, missions and general business moto.

Today’s topics of discussion:

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